Assignment no3

Investigate and compare the impact of two publication technologies, one pre and one post, on a specific aspect of society. This assignment will investigate and compare the impact of two publication technologies on the art world: Upon the introduction of digital technology, digital photography became the new touchstone for image capture. With digital technology, any person in possession of a camera and relevant software can appropriate almost any image.

Assignment no3

Assignment Due Date is 26 July, Total Marks are This assignment covers lesson no. We are Assignment no3 to facilitate your learning and we do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions. CS Assignment Solution File has been added. It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit marks if: The assignment is submitted after due date.

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The submitted assignment file does not open or corrupted. The assignment is copied from other student or ditto copy from handouts or internet. CS Assignment Uploading instructions Do not wait for grace day. Grace Day is given only if there is problem with LMS on due date.

Submit your solution within due date. Note that no assignment will be accepted through email if there is any problem in LMS on grace day. CS Assignment Objective The objective of this assignment is to make you familiar with working and implementation of heap data structure.

Your program should fulfill requirements given below in points a and b.

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Graphical representation of odd min heap using insert method and min using buildHeap method is given below for your understanding. Given data should be used for input to heap in the form of array. In case of even discard it and move to next number. Please Share it with your friends.

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Assignment No. 3 1. Please write brief but complete answers. a. What is a competitive market? Briefly describe the types of markets other than perfectly. Programming Assignment no 3 - ASP Tutorials Total Calculation

Assignment No. 1. 11/29/ 1 Comment Educational Teachnology 2: Assignment #1 1. Make a ladderized diagram (like a stairway) with summary words of the learning objectives of Educational Technology. [Inculcate higher order thinking skills] [Engage . Solutions to Homework Assignment 13 CHM Spring We follow the steps are described in detail in Section of the text.

(a) The problem is given in ionic form, so combining Steps 1 and 2, the half−reactions are: oxidation: Fe2+ → Fe3+ reduction: H2O2 → H2O Combining Steps 3 and 4, balancing the second equation for O and H gives.

Show transcribed image text STRUCTURAL DESIGN III (STEEL) Assignment No.

Assignment no3

3 A steel I-section beam, simply supported at its two ends, s subjected to a uniformly distributed load q (vertically downward) over its central segment having a length of 2 m as shown in the figure.

It also shows the type of restraints (F/P/L) against lateral torsional buckling of the beam at its four sections.

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