Chanel vs h m

Chanel oohhh lala I have been wearing this fragrance for a very long time. It is one of my very favorite go to scents. It lasts all day and all night.

Chanel vs h m

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Friday, November 18, Reveal: Some people including my husband might count up to 6, but it's really just 4. I am a hard working woman who's been very thrifty throughout my life. My passion used to be getting the highest possible discount on things that I might or might not need or love.

After I started blogging, I have changed a lot on what I really will purchase. When I read Kelly's post on how she knew she loved somethingI realized that I am the same way. And since then I started using her method as a way to decide whether to keep or return an item.

Note that depending on how old you are, how much you take home every paycheck, and how much you are willing to spend on luxury items, your monthly budget will be different. However no matter where you are in your stages of life, I think keeping a budget is very important.

Did I talk too much already? Ok, here's the story about this bag. I got this bag from Bag Borrow Or Steal which I joined a while back but never made a purchase till now.

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If you are into handbags, I think you should check them out. I took a look and found a Mulberry that I really loved. The bag is about years old. I don't worry about the authenticity of the bags sold on their website, because they are a very big online dealer and they have a team of experts to certify that the bags they buy and sell are authentic.

This was when my palms started to sweat and my heart started to overclock sorry, engineering term, had to throw it in there. I couldn't believe it was real until I had this bag in my hand yesterday.

It was so beautiful! This was when I started grinning ear to ear, dancing up and down the stairs, running around from office to kitchen and back to office. This was when I started tweeting my dear blogger friends to share my good news and my excitement.

Nice thing about caviar? I can use it My self picture taking didn't get any better, and the flash seamed to have changed the silver hardware to gold. So bear with me for the not so true to life pictures.June 25, post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Alicia The Bow Bag Trend: Chanel vs Valentino To some, the bow is a cutesy, feminine little twist while to others, it’s one of those tacky adornments that’s often referred to as a bride’s maid’s nightmare.

Nov 18,  · But heaven knows, when I put my coupon code in, the 30% off code worked for the Chanel as well.

Chanel vs h m

This was when my palms started to sweat and my heart started to overclock (sorry, engineering term, had to throw it in there).Author: Vicky's Daily Fashion Blog.

Chanel cosmetics are targeted at a younger consumer but they still retain the “classic” market, which is their forte. Since , with the launch of Chance perfume, Chanel is .

Chanel vs h m

Jan 07,  · I'm guessing that since Chanel is so popular they don't have time, or need to, train the SAs. But because unfortunately Dior is not as popular as Chanel they need to rely on excellent service. I'm a huge sucker for service and appreciate that my Dior .

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