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How do i write a check for $1 200 dollars picture

US online book sales, Q2-Q4 Share this: Twitter0 It has been nearly a year since our last Author Earnings report, which is probably far too long between updates. For large publishers and other scaled industry players, this has led to a brand new source of real-time business data: For authors, it means that we can now provide a far greater depth and accuracy of analysis here, pro bono, under the AuthorEarnings banner.

But why did traditional publishers and publishing-industry analysts become so interested in our data in the first place? Over the past few years, traditional publishers have largely been able to navigate the digital disruption and adapt their businesses to the changing bookselling landscape with varying degrees of success.

Which has caused problems industry-wide. For some book formats, these providers were still able to give decent visibility into overall sales. » Why BNI Sucks

And more importantly, Bookscan sales numbers for last week are available this week, to support publisher business decisions for next week. Data reporting on the digital side of the market has been a whole different story. And those non-traditional sectors are precisely where ebook sales have continued to grow, year after year, even as PubTrack-and-AAP-reporting publishers have seen their own ebook sales dramatically shrink.

Data from PubTrack and the AAP is now missing two thirds of US consumer ebook purchases, and nearly half of all ebook dollars those consumers spend. And reporting is so long-delayed—often by months—that even if the data were more complete, it would still be useless.

When you can only see half the market, five months after the fact, you miss a lot. And nobody likes running their business half blind. And not just publishers have sought our help, but also book distributors, aggregators, global consulting firms, international publishing startups, and even private-equity firms investing in or advising major transactions in the publishing space.

Now we capture over a million top selling titles a day. Which means that if a book sold even a single online copy since Aprilno matter whom the publisher or author, we can probably find it in our ever-growing dataset.

how do i write a check for $1 200 dollars picture

Whether that title sold two copies yesterday or two thousand, we can see those sales. We can total them up in our dashboard. No other data set in our industry comes close to matching ours for full-market coverage, let alone timeliness.

Nor even trade adult nonfiction dollars. In fact, most of the remaining online print share here is nonfiction; further narrowing the scope to just adult fiction, we see that online sales are even more digitally dominated, as shown below. Even within the broader category of Adult fiction, we see wide variation.

Romance readers are overwhelmingly buying digital now: So clearly, depending on what you write, YMMV. Online Sales By Month Overall US ebook dollars green and audiobook dollars yellow were pretty flat from month to month: Digital book-buyers seem on the whole to be very steady consumers, showing little seasonality in their overall purchasing behavior.

So how much does release timing matter for your next title? Less and less, nowadays. It seems to matter mostly for print, and even then, only for bookstore sales.

Inwe finally bit the bullet, classifying tens of thousands of top selling publishing imprints and metadata labels, and grouping them all under their appropriate parent entities — it was a ton of work, but worth it.

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Now, instead of 5 publisher types, we have 20 — giving us laser-keen visibility into how traditional publishers of various sizes and stripes are faring, too. In assigning the new colors, we tried to stay as consistent as possible with the historic AE report palette.

Circling clockwise from the top: The next four slices, magenta through light pink, show in order of descending size the shares held by Large, Medium, and Small trade publishers, and lastly the smallest Micropresses.

Dark yellow-orange shows Large Academic Publishers, while the next lighter yellow wedge here an invisible sliver shows other Academic publishers, and the even paler yellow sliver that follows is University Presses.Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $ a day.

At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. Source 1. More than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening. collections. Recommender. The apps, books, movies, music, TV shows, and art are inspiring our some of the most creative people in business this month.

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At about 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 19, , CNBC’s Kate Kelly broke the news that billionaire Bill Ackman’s hedge fund had taken a massive short position—about $1 billion worth, we know now.

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