Openerp many2many write a prisoner

Building an OpenERP module: Installing from source There are two alternatives: Model class, which makes them magically persisted by the ORM layer Predefined attributes are used in the Python class to specify a business object's characteristics for the ORM: True, ideas are active by default 63 'state':

Openerp many2many write a prisoner

Edit on GitHub Recordsets New in version 8. It also provides information about porting from or bridging with the "old API" of versions 7 and earlier, but does not explicitly document that API. See the old documentation for that. Interaction with models and records is performed through recordsets, a sorted set of records of the same model.

Warning contrary to what the name implies, it is currently possible for recordsets to contain duplicates. This may change in the future.

Methods defined on a model are executed on a recordset, and their self is a recordset: Field access Recordsets provide an "Active Record" interface: Accessing a relational field Many2oneOne2manyMany2many always returns a recordset, empty if the field is not set.

Danger each assignment to a field triggers a database update, when setting multiple fields at the same time or setting fields on multiple records to the same valueuse write: Set operations do not preserve order.

Recordsets therefore provide these operations returning recordsets themselves when possible: The predicate can also be a string to filter by a field being true or false: The environment also stores caches. All recordsets have an environment, which is immutable, can be accessed using env and gives access to the current user userthe cursor cr or the context context: When creating a recordset from an other recordset, the environment is inherited.

openerp many2many write a prisoner

The environment can be used to get an empty recordset in an other model, and query that model: This returns a new version of the recordset using the altered environment. Can return a subset of matching records offset and limit parameters and be ordered order parameter: Does not return anything: Can be used to check whether a record e.

Default values are defined as parameters on fields, either a value: It must assign the computed value to the field. If it uses the values of other fields, it should specify those fields using depends: The value is a method name returning a Domains: It is the name of a function reversing the computation and setting the relevant fields: They are defined by setting the related parameter and like regular computed fields they can be stored: Note onchange methods work on virtual records assignment on these records is not written to the database, just used to know which value to send back to the client Low-level SQL The cr attribute on environments is the cursor for the current database transaction and allows executing SQL directly, either for queries which are difficult to express using the ORM e.

No effect if the method is called in new API style, but transforms the recordset into a list of ids when called from the old API style: OpenERP models are created by inheriting from this class:By Ravi Gadhia (OpenERP) on [IMP] add flage 'can_create and 'can_write' in from view m2o field node soclient parse it according display create and create on .

6) in CRM, we plan to add info to connect to existing mail server, like Fetchmail, for people that doesn't want or doesn't have the resource to configure the openerp-mailgateway 7) ETL: we have several people full time on this project 8) Multi-Company: we will add a many2many on res_users to depicts the companies for whom the user is working.

There is Partner Ledger report but it prints only for all partners. so i added partner id in the wizard and in wizards view. Now i need a method that would print report only for selected partners. remove explicit definition of create_uid, create_date, write_uid and write_date fields: they are now created as regular “legitimate” fields, and can be read and written like any other field out-of-the-box.

May 30,  · Abro pedido de ventas, añado cliente, y entonces selecciono "configure product variants". Me abre el "wizard" para añadir las diferentes cantidades de las diferentes variantes de una misma plantilla de producto. Omal Bastin Labels. openERP; MSP; Others; Jasper Report; Concurrent programming.

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