Paper mache watermelon

It can be made any size you want, all the way from 1: The inside core of a large paper mache watermelon can be made with plastic bags stuffed with either more plastic bags or with shredded paper.

Paper mache watermelon

Napkins ditch into small pieces, I pour hot water. I leave for the night. I add PVA glue, a little orange gouache. Smeared with glue and stuck to the wall of the tissue mass Stages of work. Take the ball, tight rope. Paste paper, napkins, bandages. I picked up a newspaper I fold into a roll, and send a hot water tap I spread bottom, this part of the glue to the lid.

Paste bandages, wipes, I try to keep the veins. All dry and start to paint. The first layer — yellow, the second — semi-dry brush, orange.

How to make pumpkin and watermelon from paper mache - Simple Craft Ideas

For tail mixed green and brown gouache. For lovers of pumpkin recipe. Pumpkin porridge with milk and rice Composition: Purified pumpkin cut into small cubes, add to pan and pour twice as much by volume of water.

Pot cover and put on the fire, when the water starts to boil — to make a small fire and cook until cooked pumpkin. Then, add the washed rice porridge, make more fire and boil until cooked rice.

When the rice is already seethe, and the amount of water has decreased so much that almost covers the pumpkin with rice porridge add milk, a pinch of salt and sugar to taste. Pumpkin porridge with milk cook, stirring, until boiling milk. Then reduce the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes more, until the porridge is not seethe.

Ensure that not to burn! In the bowl of hot porridge to add a slice of pumpkin butter. Pumpkin porridge is tasty and cold. I take a balloon paste newsprint, napkins and … bandage.

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Above another 2 — 3 layer tissue Cut off the top this is the cap and bottom lower part of the throw It happened this way for the bottom cut out a circle of cardboard, pasting. I paste red napkins the middle is made of red napkins crushed, pour hot water and leave for the night.

In the morning whipped with a mixer, adding PVA glue. Inside the ball smeared with glue, stuck to the tissue mass From pens from the package made the tail and painted in green … Seeds made from old leather belt. To get the product durability and beautiful texture of the crust.

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The first coat of paint nanoshu uniformly, the second — semi-dry brush stripdo not forget to add PVA glue gouache. Left lacquered box and ready!DIY Paper Fans (easy!) – Materials. 2 sheets of A4 paper cut in half LENGTH WAYS (if you want to make the melons, you will need 1 green sheet and one white sheet too).

This is a tutorial on how to make a paper mache watermelon.

Paper mache watermelon

You can of course use the instructions here to make all kinds of paper mache things. And this can be used as a pinata too. If you are looking for other paper mache pinata projects I have a few more you might be interested in.

Materials: Crepe Paper, Cardboard, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Pencil, X-Acto Knife, Quick Dry Glue Step 1: Gather two pieces of cardboard of equal size and draw the shape of a watermelon slice on each.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes.

Paper mache watermelon

I needed it for the katana and the watermelon video so I figured I would make a tutorial showing you how I made the paper mache watermelon. The techniques are solid and they will help you to make other paper mache stuff too.

Specialty produce is our business. Contained herein is a guide to the worlds unusual produce items. The guide provides descriptions, availability and handling tips. I don’t know about you, but we’ve been eating a lot of watermelon around our house lately.

It’s such a huge part of our summer, so I couldn’t resist making one in pinata form.

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