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The PhD in Economics is designed to prepare students for careers as professional economists in academia, government, and the private sector. The program is structured so that a student with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and an appointment as a graduate assistant should be able to complete the required coursework within three academic years, excluding summer sessions.

Phd to phd

To PhD or not to PhD, that is the question To PhD or not to PhD, that is the question: To have as much free time as you wish, Or to live according to a strict schedule. To be short of money for years, Or to get a job and earn wage concessions.

To push yourself and catch depression, Or to remain inspired through constant external stimulation? We are not here to resolve that question for you, but we will provide you with some useful information to help you with your struggle.

If you think of a doctorate as your chance to invent great ideas and reveal your brilliance to the world, you may get disappointed because the reality is somewhat less romantic. That means you will be taught how to write papers and master specific research techniques, and being too imaginative and too creative may be a big disadvantage in that case.

If you actually want to become an academic, you will get the most out of your PhD by working on a fairly simple project that is less likely to go wrong and that will result in a few publications.

Just look what happened to Einstein. Because of his exceptional ideas as a student no university wanted to give him an academic position until the invention of his theory made them change their opinion. Even if being a PhD student will not give you an unconditional intellectual and creative freedom, you will still have much more freedom than if you decide to get a job.

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You will be undertaking your own project and depend on your own decisions, you will be able to dictate your own working schedule, you will need to be your own inspiration, and you will be largely responsible for correcting everything that goes wrong with your project. This will give you some mental toughness and increase your capacity for problem solving.

Phd to phd

More importantly, it will teach you the distinction between what works only in imagination and what works in reality.

But if you compare them to having a professional job you will be positively surprised. In a study, Peter J. Sloane and Nigel C. Why is that so? This means that having an entrepreneurial experience may soon become a more valuable asset than having a PhD degree.

After all, how many of the richest people in the world have a PhD degree? Not many of them. Even if in some cases getting a doctorate may not be financially beneficial for the person, the question remains: The theory of gravity, relativity, DNA, penicillin, radioactivity, quantum mechanics and so on.

Phd to phd

Without those who think on a very high level the world would not become as profound as it is now, and if you have a PhD it is much more likely that you will have time for such profound thinking. To PhD is to be, But only if you are patient enough for it.Choose your PhD.

With 90 research centres and groups, Sussex is the perfect place to find a postgraduate programme that allows you to follow your passion and develop your research interests.

A holder of an academic doctorate (PhD, DrPh, EngD etc) has researched a topic or problem within their specific subject in sufficient depth to have generated fresh insights or made a breakthrough or contributed significant new knowledge to the existing corpus.

We are pleased that you are interested in applying to the Computer Science Graduate Program at UCLA. The following information provides an overview of the requirements for admission to the department and an explanation of the application procedures.

A two-year fellowship for PhD students at North American universities pursuing research aligned to the research topics carried out by Microsoft Research. The Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program has supported fellows since the program was established in , many of whom have gone on to.

Ph.D. in English Our nationally ranked PhD program provides specialized training in literary, cultural, and language studies for students who plan to teach at universities and colleges.

While students pursue individualized programs of study within the parameters of our degree requirements, they share the qualities of excellent critical thinking. I now work for an American company, where the convention is to use them, hence Ph.D.

– Steve Melnikoff May 17 '11 at I see, I was thinking of that before honestly, since PhD (or PHD) can be other things too.

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