Taking a public transportation vs driving your own car compare and contrast essay

Furthermore in the statistics for accidents in Sweden serious injuries drivers vs.

Taking a public transportation vs driving your own car compare and contrast essay

People start to depend on transportations in this 21th century. People often struggle with consider buying car or motorcycle, but actually car and motorcycle both have their strong point and weak point, so People should think carefully when they are planning for buying transportation.

Taking a public transportation vs driving your own car compare and contrast essay

People usually will consider buying car instead of buying motorcycle, even cars are more expensive than motorcycles, but people still think cars have more function than motorcycle. Car give you air-condition system also have some media system for example, radio, DVD player, CD player and so on…….

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On the other hand, some people think cars are too expensive, if you are that type of person, and then just buy a motorcycle!

So actually motorcycles save lots of money for the user. Motorcycle is a light and small transportation that can easily traveling in the tiny roads, streets and solves the traffic jam problem.

Cars can carry more people than motorcycle. Families usually consider buying car as the transportation, because it is very convenient to bring the whole family to travel or to other places. Motorcycle can only carry two people at once, and its seats are small, and make people feels uncomfortable to ride on it.


When you have a car accident, car driver usually will be safer than the rider of the motorcycle. The car drivers will be inside the car, so the car can protect the drivers body, relatively compare to motorcycles.


So usually the rider of motorcycle get injure more often than the car driver. Those are the strong points of the cars. If you buy a car as your transportation, then you will have some trouble of finding parking lot in the big city.

Usually is hard for people to fine place to park their cars in a city, even you find the parking lot you still need to pay for the parking tickets, you also need to maintain your car every year.

And you need to pay fee for your car annually. If you add up all the money that you have spend on your car in a year, then the number should be more than what you can imagine and expect. Compare to motorcycle, that motorcycle actually save the user lots of money.

People should think carefully and get to know their self better first; to know what type of life style they do have, and think what places they usually go the most in their daily life. Then they may start decide what transportation is the best choice that can fit their needs, and their style.

People should think wisely before they make the decision of buying transportation- before it is too late, too late to regret.Oberon and titania relationship essay my vacation to mexico essaySave tigers essay new essays uk reviews wwf logo analysis essay importance moral education essay good conclusions for comparison essays between star ipart nsw essays oryx and crake analysis essay taking public transportation vs driving your own car essay essay on labeling theory.

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May 19,  · I brought my car when I moved to Chicago, but got rid of it after a few months as it was a hassle to have actually, people bumping into it, city fees, invalid parking tickets, paying for parking, paying for higher insurance, and it was quicker and more convenient to take public transportation.

Driving affords more personal control, making it feel safer. In addition, plane crashes are catastrophic, killing more people at once, which grabs more attention and makes people more sensitive to. For instance; driving a car on a well paved road would maintain endurance of the car for a longer time, when compared to driving it on a bumped street regularly.

Thus, improving the roads and highways shoud be an initial step to improving public transportation. Apr 16,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. In , the same year that it provided $82 billion for the auto industry bailout, the Obama administration created a .

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