Why does a batterer batter essay

What causes wife battering?

Why does a batterer batter essay

Batterers Essay Batterers Essay Batterers are people who inflict violent physical abuse upon a child, spouse, or other person, but the term is relatively new. Batterers are numerous but relatively invisible in American society. Usually, only the most severe batterers come to the attention of authorities.

Most, but not all, batterers are men. Batterers do not differ in readily observable ways from no batterers, but tend to differ from one another. Gender, income, substance abuse, and violence in the family of origin are the factors most often linked to battering, but batterers can never be fully distinguished from the society in which they learned to use physical and nonphysical aggression to dominate others.

The term batterer can be applied to a broad range of individuals. A batterer is an individual who commits acts of physical violence and domination against an intimate partner or ex-partner. The violence is usually episodic rather than a one-time event.

In most of those cases, the singularity of the one physical event is surrounded by a milieu of domination and nonphysical abuse, all of which predicts a second battering event in the future. The batterer and his partner may be married or never married, living together or dating, gay or straight, young or old.

A batterer may assault a lifelong partner, a first date, or a person from whom he is estranged. Batterers are present throughout our society across all social groups, although groups within our society vary in the prevalence of battering. This essay adopts the convention of using the pronoun he linked to batterers, although she can batter too.

However, when injury, fear, and goal of the violence are considered, most batterers are men and most victims of batterers are women. Battering is against the law in all Western democracies, but has not always been so.

The earliest recorded effort to curb batterers was BCE when, at the end of the Punic Wars, Roman societal and family structure changes gave women more property rights, including the right to sue husbands for unjustified beatings.

However, this was not the beginning of a movement, as years later, the batterer and Emperor Constantine had his wife burned alive when she was of no further use to him.

Why does a batterer batter essay

InAlabama became the first U. InCalifornia became the first state in the United States to mandate treatment for men convicted of domestic violence. How Widespread Is Battering?

Why does a batterer batter essay

The National Family Violence Survey found that 1 in 8 women reported they had been physically assaulted in the past year, and 1 in 16 had been assaulted more than once. If limited to those who had been severely assaulted more than once in the past year, the prevalence is 2.

While battering using severe assault and on more than one occasion over a month period are restrictive criteria, one can use these figures to estimate that no less than 1 in 45 paired adult males in the United States is a batterer according to the definition of repeated, severe violence.

Obviously, there are a lot more batterers who use nonphysical forms of control to maintain their dominance. Do Batterers Differ From Nonbatterers? Since battering is often a hidden behavior, it would be useful if there were other markers of risk that would help to identify batterers among those who do not batter.

An alternate way of conceptualizing battering and batterers is that there are not discrete categories but rather there is a continuum of violence.Domestic Violence: Reasons Why Battered Victims Stay With the Batterers The most frequently asked question concerning a battering situation is why does the victim stay?

NIJ researchers have evaluated the most common batterer intervention programs. Most findings show that these programs do not change batterers' attitudes toward women or domestic violence, and that they have little to no impact on reoffending.

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Why does a battered wife stay with their abuser? And if there anything you can do to get a battered wife to leave? Causes of Wife Battering and Why Does a Battered Wife Stay? Natasha Tracy. What causes wife battering? Why would someone beat their wife? Stay with a batterer because she feels sorry for him as he often comes from a history.

Why Do Men Batter? by Brian Nichols, B.A., Public Policy Team Manager, Men Stopping Violence As programs for batterers proliferate around the country, they often become a because it does not explain why women are so often invisible to boys and men as models of how to be in relationships.

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